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Ambulance Services

How do you get "Clara Care Services"
 ambulance service?

Ambulance booking is easy in modern times! "Clara Care Services" ambulance offers you the option of choosing a suitable car for your patient, by calling the number of passengers you want to go, the date and time, how many passengers you want to go services home care services maishacare Clara Care Home Services is a trusted services provider.

** Call the owner directly to save your valuable time / money from the deceiver.
Mobile: +8801727264178  At present, "Clara Care Services" offers four types of ambulance service to ambulances: 

1) AC ambulance
It’s like standard ambulance with additional features of air conditioning. The minimum amount of such ambulance is Tk 15,000. The car has oxygen cylinders. 

(2) non-AC ambulance
This is the most basic non-AC ambulance type The base amount of such ambulance and the minimum rental is 1200 taka. The car has oxygen cylinders. 

(3) Freezers ambulance
A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has a freeze box. Freezers can ambulate the body of the ambulance several hours and days. Base Ambulance Base Rental and Minimum Rent BD 2000 The primary contract will be for every hour.
** If the car is kept waiting, then you have to pay 600 / = per hour. 

(4) ICU ambulance
This is our high end ambulance, which will provide only the famous hospitals. The minimum rental of such ambulance is 11000 There is a whole team of doctors and nurses and a full ICU setup in the vehicle. Traffic jam city like Dhaka, we can only provide ambulance service within 30 minutes. Get a little faster service during the night.

(5) Air ambulance
Our Air Ambulance's philosophy is to take the hospital to the patient and relocating patients from one facility to another with continuous medical monitoring to ensure their safety by quickest means from any corner of Bangladesh.

Think of the patient, the patient, at the time of first call, place / address correctly. The scar, your home address is late to find us.
If possible, please wait in the street for our ambulance. To know details services home care services | maishacare,
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