Autism Baby Home Care

Best Autism Baby Home Care In Bangladesh

Autism baby care is very different from a regular baby care service. In regular baby care caring for a normal baby may be considered less challenging to some extent. In a survey done in 2018, it came to light that 17 per 10,000 babies in Bangladesh were diagnosed with the disorder. Clara Care Services Ltd understands the severity of the concern & has trained & educated its caregivers to an extent where they are well prepared to look after babies with special conditions. Looking after a child with special needs is not only about the child, its about the parents as well. They who trust the well being & health of their babies in the hands of others by the belief that they take care & look after their child with love & affection.

Why is Home Care service is more suitable than Day Cares for autism babies?

Looking after a child with special needs at home is much more complicated than in a daycare center. But it is much more rewarding for many reasons. For starters, a daycare will only provide care for a period of time whereas having a home service will give the clients more time flexibility at any given period. In daycare, there are other children with special needs who need constant attention from supervisors, so it is not possible to provide full concentration to any individual baby. But in-home care, it is only the baby & the sitter, so it gets less stressful for the baby & allows the sitter to provide their full attention to the baby & care for them. Children with special needs take a lot of time to adapt to environments & surroundings. Sending them to daycares makes them feel more nervous & agitated, as they are surrounded by new people, new faces & a completely different atmosphere then they are familiar with. Providing home care for such children in an ideal choice. When being in a place they are familiar with, it makes them feel safe & comfortable which is always a primary objective for a sitter to make them feel safe & comfortable around them hence making it easier for a sitter to come close to them, be less afraid of a new face & become friends. Providing home care for such children is recommended & having an expert is reassuring to the parents that their child is in the care of someone who is experienced & capable. Providing a home care service for an autist baby is very much relaxing & calming for the parents as well, they can check up on them every now & then to reassure themselves that everything is going smooth & that their child is under no stress.