Neuro Patient Home Care in Dhaka Bangladesh
Looking after a Neuro patient at home is always a
strenuous task, especially for those who do not have proper medical knowledge.
And oftentimes a situation becomes unpredictable & dangerous with these
individuals at home. We understand that in Clara Care Services LTD so we always
provide the best & most capable Brothers & Sisters, Nurses for home
services anywhere inside Dhaka, BD. Our caregivers are professionals & most
importantly experienced in handling any kind of situation inside a house. They
are well equipped with proper medical training & knowledge to read the
situation & proceed with the right course of action to ensure a positive

What is a neurological disorder?

A neurological disorder is when a person’s nervous
systems gradually decline due to an injury or certain kinds of illness. The
symptoms of a neurological disorder are often blackouts, limb weakness.
numbness, & shaking. Ignoring such symptoms leads to a life-threatening situation
as the brain & spine are the central processing units of the human body,
& neurological discords are often centered around those two parts of the
body. As such complications in the spine can lead to paralysis
of the body part; like hands or legs or even the whole
body & complications to the brain can lead to untimely blackouts &

Who Are Neuro Patients?

Neurological patients are individuals who are having
complications in the nervous system, issues that lead to strokes, seizures,
muscle weakness, etc. This kind of patient requires undivided attention at home
from their surroundings as often the slightest of negligence can lead to a
perilous situation. Neurological symptoms include limb weakness, numbness,
shaking, or blackouts & many more so it is always imperative to have
someone at their person at all times. These individuals are very frail and need
to be cared for at all times as they are unable to do most of the everyday
activities due to their condition. They are always in need of a helper to do
things for them or help them in doing certain things. And having a trained
& experienced Brother, or Sister, Nurse at home makes it less stressful for
the patient & other members of the family.

Providing Home Neuro Care inside Dhaka

Clara Care Services Ltd has successfully cared & is
caring for countless individuals with neurological disorders inside Dhaka, BD.
Each patient more different than the other, each condition more different than
the previous. Our brothers & sisters, and nurses are familiar with all
conditions and have been trained to examine the situation thoroughly &
figuratively to make sure the right course of action is taken to ensure a
positive outcome. Making the family & most importantly the patient feel
safe and secured. We have provided proper home neuro care inside Dhaka &
our nurses, brothers & sisters have gained sufficient experience. They are
always vigilant & caring towards the patients regardless of the situation.

So allow us the privilege to care for your loved
ones & take the stress while you focus on your everyday tasks
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