Dementia Care Home Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Clara Care Services Ltd is an established Home nursing service organization that has been looking after the sick & aging population of Dhaka, Bangladesh since its founding days. We have been around long enough to understand that everyone needs to be cared for. We provide our services all over Dhaka to those who are in need. Our services offer to care for the sick, mentally disabled & paralyzed patients giving other members of the family to have a stress-free life & a smile on everyone's face. Every one of our Brothers, Sisters & Nurses has proper training, medical knowledge & genuine care for those they tend to look after. Our services are flexible, comforting & reliable, & are quick to adapt to home environments & surroundings.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is not a disease that occurs like the flu or fever; it's a syndrome. That can define multiple brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's, Lewy Body Dementia, Vascular Dementia, frontotemporal Dementia. All the said terms may effect or start differently though they all affect the brain gradually. It is not uncommon for an individual to have more than one of those effects; that term can define by Mixed Dementia. It affects an individual's loss of memory, language, problem-solving, and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life. In critical cases, they can often at times forget their own identity, use of words, memories, certain sets of skills, forget things in mid-conversation & even their family members.

What are the causes that lead to Dementia?

Dementia can be due to multiple reasons; due to old age, usage of the drug, or an accident, stress, etc. Even though it is a condition that occurs with the old age it is not a common condition to happen with aging. Even adults who are in their prime can be diagnosed with these conditions due to drug abuse or accident etc. Even though they take different paths of dementia almost all patients suffer a similar outcome; they forget. The symptoms of dementia can include one or more conditions like memory failure, diminished ability to keep multiple tasks in mind simultaneously, and divide attention between them, problems with language comprehension or expression. It can commonly start with something insignificant & eventually lead to something critical. So it imperative to seek medical attention immediately as soon as such symptoms begin to surface regularly

Our Services 

Looking after a Dementia patient at home gets strenuous because of the nature of their condition; the patients may need a constant reminder of who they are & why they are in a house they do not recognize or surrounded by people they don't know. At times making them belive the truth needs a lot of effort & convincing. It is not uncommon for other family members to lose patience or stress out over it and fall sick themselves. So it is always vital for the helper to keep up with their constant change of mind & forgetful nature while being very convincing. The helpers in Clara Care services ltd are well suited & capable of handling such individuals with ease at home & are very convincing in making the patient believe in what they say. Our helpers are flexible, understanding, and have patience. Dementia patients often fall into depression cause of the condition & our helpers try to help them get out of it as much as possible. They can keep up with the sudden change of mind & forgetful nature of the patient and provide strong support to their mental condition, making them feel confident & relaxed. They have the experience & proper medical knowledge of all kinds of Dementia states making them a valuable helper to keep at home to look after the patient. In Clara Care Services ltd we understand how difficult it is to look after a dementia patient at home while focusing on other objectives like work. So we try to make it easier for our clients & particularly the patient with our best Home Care Services