Home Care Service

Clara Care Services ltd one of the best Home Care Service Provider Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh (BD). We have well trained professional Caregivers and experienced certified Nurses / Brothers to provide short-term or long-term care in the home, depending on the patient’s needs.

Home Care Services are provided to ease the life of those who are too busy in their everyday lives to take care of themselves or their families. It consists of many individual services that aim to make life healthier for an individual. Those services include Home nursing Service, elderly companion care, babysitting & nanny care & many more. In Clara Care Services ltd we understand that it gets difficult to take care of one’s selves or even take the time to visit the clinic for a regular check-up so Clara Care Services Ltd provides those services and cost-effectively provides the best possible care at your doorstep. We provide Home Care all around Dhaka, Bangladesh

What is Home Care Service?

Home Care Service or simply Home Care is a way to make life easier for those who have a hectic schedule. Often it becomes hard to do proper time management between work & house/family, for example, looking after someone elderly, or a family member who is sick, etc. It can be a short-term service or a long-term depending on the patient’s condition or it can be a Babysitter or nanny service. Patients prefer staying at home to recover then visiting care institutions like hospitals & clinics during times of sickness, although being surrounded by family members does have a positive effect on the patient mentally and gives a great boost in morale to recover, having a professional nearby to give proper treatment as hospitals & clinics make the recovery more effective and sometimes even swift. Our Home Care service is designed & organized to provide you with the care needed in the comfort & safety of one’s own house.


What are the services provided in the Home Care Service?

Clara Care Services Ltd provides all the services required, depending on the patient’s condition. We aim to provide the best professional treatment that one would receive at a Care institute in the comfort & safety of one’s own house. Our Caregivers are well trained, experienced & most importantly compassionate towards their patients.

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