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Best Babysitter and Nanny Service

Best Babysitter and Nanny Service in BD

Clara Care Services Ltd is a Medicare-Certified agency providing various quality home health care & services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our services are customer-friendly, cost-efficient & flexible. We provide our very best effort in every assignment we undertake and ensure our clients are nothing less than satisfied. We provide a variety of services among which are Babysitter & Nanny services take the utmost priority.


Looking after a baby is always a challenging task, even more, stressful for the parents because they would always want someone who would understand the baby’s needs, be gentle, kind, and caring towards them. We believe that every baby is unique, so they should be taken care of uniquely as well. Babysitter & Nannies play a very vital role in raising a baby. Although their initial objective is similar there are quite a few differences between them, and often people misunderstand those differences.


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What is a Babysitter?

A Babysitter is someone who will look after the child for a brief time while the parents are away. It can be for as short as a few hours or as long as a couple of days. During that period a Babysitter will commence the following duties such as keeping the child company; playing, helping in doing certain chores; homework, preparing & serving his timely meals, looking after them; making sure no harm comes on the baby. Babysitters are young teenagers or people who are in their early 20s. Giving them the aspect of being more energetic & enthusiastic to keep playing with the baby and constantly keeping them entertained, without tiring often.


What is a Nanny?

A Nanny, however, is someone who will have a more constant presence in the life of the child. A Nanny will do all the following duties done by a Babysitter & even more such as taking them to school, outings, etc. A Nanny can have multiple roles to a child like a teacher, playmate, advisor, friend & to some extent a guardian. A Nanny can often be misunderstood for the mother by a child due to the involvement they have. A Nanny can do complimentary duties apart from child care like preparing meals for the family occasionally, home caring, look after the other members of the family during sickness & bad times. A Nanny will look after the child regardless of whether the parents are available or away on trips or are occupied by other important matters. Nannies can be considered as an additional member of the family as they are often living in the same house. An ideal Nanny is someone who is elderly, matured, understanding & has both experience & patience looking after children and is more commonly preferred by parents.


Difference Between Babysitter & Nanny

Even though their initial objectives are similar, there are some key distinctions between them such as a Babysitter is only there for a short time whereas a Nanny can stay with the child for a longer period. Babysitters’ sole objective will be to look after the baby & follow the rules strictly given by the parents where a Nanny can occasionally do other household chores for the family and take minor decisions for the baby. A babysitter is needed temporarily when the parents are briefly unavailable,e.g a few hours or a couple of days, a Nanny will be looking after the child regardless of whether the parents are available or not for a longer period and in some cases even live with the family. A babysitter is hired to look after a baby occasionally and at a later age. But a Nanny can be hired for a baby as early as they are born allowing the parents especially the mother to take rest & relax and focus on other important tasks without constantly worrying about the child.

Clara Care Services Ltd provides Babysitting & Nanny services in Dhaka. They are trained & experienced Babysitters & Nannies who meet all the said duties and responsibilities admirably. They fully understand and acknowledge the assignment they undertake and are professionals in handling babies, even those with special conditions regardless of age, gender, race, color, religion. Our Babysitters & Nannies services aim to give perfection & satisfaction to the clients that entrust them with their children.

To hire a Babysitter or Nanny please contact us in the following and allow us to help you raise your child better for the future.