Critical Patient Care Home Service in BD
Clara Care Services Ltd is the best Home Nursing Service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide all kinds of Home care
services ranging from Babysitters & Nannies for children including for kids
with special needs, to Critical care for ICU patients at home. We provide Patient Care, Nurses, Brothers & Sisters who are well trained & educated on treating
for Critical patients accordingly to their needs & physical conditions. All
personnel in Clara Care Services Ltd have sufficient medical knowledge &
understanding of the medical situation & are well experienced in treating
them accordingly

What is meant by Critical Care?

It is a condition in which a patient is kept under
closed surveillance at all times due to the individual’s mental or health
condition. It is primarily caused by injury, disease, aging, health concerns,
virus, mental disorders, & oftentimes negligence towards one’s wellbeing.
For example- An injury to the head can cause brain swelling; where the skull
seems okay but the inside of the brain may bleed due to the bursting of an
artery leading to brain hemorrhage, or ignoring random & minor headaches or
migraines which can be caused by a tumor inside the brain leading to the sudden
demise or mental disorder. Many such situations occur regularly which is
considered to be critical cases. Such patients are kept inside the
ICU(Intensive Care Unit) for extensive care where only specialized doctors
& trained nurses are allowed to enter. Critical cases can lead to an
untimely demise or miraculous recovery if treated properly & carefully or
if treatment for the problem started early before it can grow into something
more life-threatening. These types of cases require specialized care at all
times hence the need to have an experienced & medically trained helper at
all times.

What kind of health issues require Critical Care?

There are various kinds of issues that are considered
to be critical cases in the Medical Line. Such as Heart-Attack, Asthma, Brain
Strokes, Lung failure, post-surgery care to name a few. Often these patients go
through surgery or multiple surgeries to recover. All the cases have one thing
in common is that the patients are fragile or are not recovering in natural
order or are still perilous after a treatment. Thus specialized care is both
compulsory & mandatory for the proper recovery of such individuals. These
cases are handled by trained nurses, brothers & professional doctors who
specialize in individual medical fields and know certain aspects of the human
body better than regular doctors.

Who are Critical Home Care Specialists offered by Clara
Care Services Ltd?

Critical Home Care specialists are individuals who
specialize in specific & respected medical care. They possess a higher
knowledge regarding certain criteria of medical studies. Clara Care Services
Ltd allows clients to have the comfort of having a specialist at their own
doorstep in Dhaka, BD. Our Nurses, Brothers and Sisters are experienced
& educated in handling Critical Patient cases. They have an extensive understanding
of medical situations and how to handle them effectively. Each one of our
Critical Home Care Specialists is dedicated to certain kinds of care, hence making
them an expert and ideal choice for clients. These nurses & brothers are
well trained & experienced to undertake any assignments & are very much
capable to look after a critical patient in the absence of the specialist. The
best trait our Nurses, Brothers and Sisters have is that they are
caregivers by nature.