Portable Oxygen Concentration

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* Continuous oxygen supply for 24 hours/day

* High performance, stability and portability

* Low noise up to 46 dB for 5L oxygen concentrator

* Automatic time accumulation & automatic alarm for low oxygen concentration

* High performance, energy-saving advanced Lithium molecular sieve from Germany

Oxygen delivery mode: Continuous flow/ Pulse dose


It can be run by car adapter DC12V, Lithium battery (one hour) 220V-240V or 110V


1. Especially for shopping, traveling, etc. outdoor application

2. Patients’ short time outdoor use.

3. Headache dizziness,sleep apnea caused by cervical spondylosis

4. Mental worker and student recover energy

5. Pregnant and the aged to keep healthy

6. Oxygen cocktail making


Flow Rate: 1-5 LPM

Purity: 93%~38%

Outlet Pressure: 0.03-0.07MPA
Sound Level: =45db

Rated Power: =85w

Net Weight: 6 Kgs

Power Supply: AC220V/110V

Size: 350×190×320mm

Optional Items:

DC12V Car Adapter(1PC)

Lithium Battery (1PC)

Battery charger (1PC)

Trolley bag (1PC)