Surgical & Medical Equipment

For more than 5 years, Clara Care Services Ltd. has been a leading provider of surgical instruments and services. Our instruments are designed in collaboration with leading surgeons around the world.Our
approach to quality starts at the design process and doesn’t end until the product is in your hands and you’re satisfied.Quality and first-rate technology is what
our customers have always expected from us. And that’s what we delivers.Technology-driven products and services Clara Care Services Ltd. doesn’t just sell surgical instruments. We deliver operating
thereat and sterile processing solutions with the ultimate goal of improving your patients’ lives.Surgical & Medical Equipment.We offer a full line of quality surgical products
and services to meet your needs:.Surgical & Medical Equipment* Air Metres* BP Machine* Cardiac Monitor* Hospital Bed (Manual Electric)* ICU Setup*
Nebulizer Machine* Oxygen Cylinder* Pluse Oxymeter* Suction Machine* Sugar Machine* Wheel Chair